As one of the first miniature microphone developers, DPA Microphones has empowered originality and innovation throughout the entertainment industry. Their mini mics have paved the way for creative expression in the musical and theater industry. Soon after, these same mics conquered the film and TV industry with their honest sound and amazing flexibility.

  • Art. no. DPA-DUA6001
    445 SEK
  • Art. no. DPA-DMM0023
    190 SEK
  • Art. no. DPA-DMM0021
    190 SEK
  • Art. no. DPA-DAD6019
    755 SEK
  • 850 SEK
  • Art. no. DPA-4066-OC-A-F00-LH
    4 986 SEK
  • Art. no. DPA-DAD6001-BC
    818 SEK
  • Art. no. DPA-SCM0008-B
    166 SEK
  • Art. no. DPA-SCM0017-B
    134 SEK
  • Art. no. DPA-DUA0560
    214 SEK
  • Art. no. DPA-DUA0571
    325 SEK
  • Art. no. DPA-DAD6034
    755 SEK